Wednesday, January 9, 2008

TNNA flashback #2

OK, you may be expecting pictures of beautiful yarn and scrumptious knitted sweaters, but no, that's not all TNNA is. Anyone can post those pictures. Here is a photo of me and Jennifer Stafford, Author of Domiknitrix goofing around after a hard day of savoring yarns and chatting with fellow knitters.

The convention center had several events going on at the same time as TNNA. Last year it was a "Mary Kay" convention. So we couldn't resist taking a few shots with their dress up board outfits.
I can't wait to see what craziness I can partake in this weekend at this years TNNA!


Dave Lowe said...

From whips to "Mary Kay"...psychotic but makes for a good weekend.

TheLoreline said...

The Domiknitrix strikes again! (or should i say, whips!)

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