Friday, February 29, 2008

This Year's Easter Theme-The Egg

OK-yes I am "The Plaidbunny"
So you would think I would theme Easter always with the bun, but I think this year it's going to be more about the egg.
What, no- which came first the bunny or the egg jokes???

Not that the egg hasn't always played a part in my Easter falderal, but the bunny generally was the focal point. Not that it is easy to tell what is an Easter decoration in my house vs. what's up year round. Let's just say you can't turn around in this house without spotting a bunny somewhere.
So today's egg is.....Golden!

So you too can make golden eggs too. Simply blow out the insides of some eggs and let dry.
I put a bit of glue to fill in the hole. Then I just gold leafed them as the package instructions said to.

And I guess I started this egg theme awhile back, here is a fun ATC embossed paper Egg Pocket project I did. It could be a fun invitation, hmm?

And since it's Flashback Friday I'll share with you a few pictures from a previous Easter Party, here at Casa de Canejo Diablo.

Please note the GIANT eggs on the lawn!!

And what were the girlies looking for? Eggs, well yes there are some of those traditional eggs hidden about, but the real prize, as stated in my "10 things no one else probably has done" Little bottles of alcohol!

The loot of one of the attendees her crafted Easter basket (the first activity of the day!)
What good eggs my friends are!

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