Monday, July 28, 2008

Airstream rehab-a-go-go

So this is the "before" picture of one end of Superfly. The floor was completely waisted.I am actually one of those people who haul stuff in their SUV. Here is my baby loaded up with FREE lumber. God bless Craig's List. I scored this stash from a warehouse up the street. I am trying to do the rehab of Superfly with all recycled materials, and for free.

Here is the paper template I made from the good end of Superfly.
And here is the template being weighted down with rocks (I use the same method when weighing down a pattern on fabric (only I use nice smooth river rocks).

And voila, here is my new floor! You may be wondering, "Why all the pieces?" Well here's the thing. First of all 4 by 8 sheets of plywood don't fit in my car, but scraps do! Also I can lift and wrangle smaller pieces much easier. And being all this is free! I am working with it. As Tim Gunn says, "Make it work!"
But one little problem did have to be dealt with. There were these pesky little bolt/rivet/knob things sticking up.

So I had to zing them off.
On to removing this funny little area of flooring. Before chisel and hammer:

And my second major score off of Craig's list, tons of gray carpet and padding:
And here the padding is roughed in. I just had to see what I had to work with:
I am beat!!!

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