Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The commercial that inspired the square on the rock and cairns

A while back I did an "art or craft project where I painted a black square on a rock. Well I finally saw the Valspar paint commercial that inspired it and thanks to Tivo (or Moxi in my case) I could rewind and take a picture of my TV so I could share it with you:
I just think this look sooo cool. And in more rock "art or craft" In this post I talked about learning what a hoodoo was. Well the photo I saw were in fact cairns. Hoodoos are naturally forming and cairns are man (or woman) made piles of rocks. I love both! So I made some in my back yard with my left over rocks from my wall demolition.

It has been suggested that the rocks need a little glitter???? hmmmm, maybe???

1 comment:

Connie G. said...

I don't think they need glitter ;) My nephew is way into rocks - he will love this idea.

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