Thursday, September 16, 2010

Monster eyeballs from ping pong balls inspired by the new book- Me Make Monster!

This is what happens when your ping pong ball eyeballs get into a staring contest with your yoga ball eyeball. And let's not even get into what happened with the bowling ball eyeballs. I was positively tickled as I flipped through the new book Me Make Monster: A Mish-Mash of Monstercraft. It is filled with the silliest and cutest creatures made from all sorts of materials. With Halloween only a few short weeks away I am in full decorating (and crafting) mode for the occasion. Eyeballs still play a huge part in my theme this year. So when I saw this page I knew what my first project was going to be.
I rounded up a handful of ping pong balls, a bit of faux fur and some black felt.
I used the "O" in my die cut alphabet to cut circles for the eyes and hot glued them on along with the faux fur "eyebrows"
They were ready for their closeup here. Like making monsters and creatures too? Then I bet you will have a lot of fun with:

Me Make Monster: A Mish-Mash of Monstercraft


Jenny Harada

From the publisher North Light Books:

"They hide in your closet. They lurk under the bed. They tickle your feet and devour your pillows. They’re monsters only a mother could love.

In Me Make Monster, Jenny Harada presents a hoard of funky monster projects so ugly they’re cute. Bring to life your own fantastic brood as you follow step-by-step instructions to create a true mish mash of monsterdom—everything from plush huggable beasties and a furry pillow cover to a fanged fiendish trinket box and google-eyed dice. Whatever kind of monster may tickle your fancy (or your feet) you’ll find one of his breed to spawn and love.

Discover within the pages:

  • Step-by-step instructions to make 18 fantastic creatures
  • Monsters made from all different types of material—from fun fur to plywood to junk mail
  • Variation beasties for even more impish inspiration
  • A history of monsters and information on each monster’s fanciful personality

So get out your glue, dust off the sewing machine, hide your valuables and channel your inner Frankenstein!

About the Author

Jenny Harada's work has been exhibited in many plush shows and galleries across the country, and she has been featured in many magazines, including Hi-Fructose, Clutter and Adorn. She's also been showcased on a variety of Web sites, including Daily Candy, Pink Pedicure, Softies Central Blog,,, and more."


Eileen Bergen said...

What is it about eyeballs that makes them look so gross and makes kids (of all ages) go Ewww?

Becky B. said...

The ones made of ping-pong balls with the eyebrows makes me think of a muppet! FUNNY!!

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