Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Drunk, Divorced & Covered in Cat Sweater Sweepstakes Entry

This is my entry into Crazy Aunt Purl's Sweater on A Cat Contest by Stefanie Girard

As the rules state they are rather liberal in interpretation of "sweater"

Inspired by the neighborhood cat, named "pumpkin" and Crazy Aunt Purls posting of a "pumpkin" hat, I felt Pumpkin the cat needed one. So I crocheted up a tiny version and here is the result. I promise no more cat fur was lost by said owner of fur more than what would have been naturally shed with the amount of petting and snuggling of said cat.

I couldn't just stop there, once the cat hat was worn by one, other cats need to wear the hat as well. For scientific purposes, ya uh that's it.

Photo 1-Hmm this isn't the normal treat you give me, but I think I like it.

Photo 2- Wait, wait, for the big reveal......

Photo 3- What do you think????? Do like it? Does it go with my eyes?

Photo 4-Trick or treat??? Where are the treats?? Is this some kind of trick?? I have my costume on???

Photo 5-Proof I really, really am a pumpkin!!!

Photo 6- "Nut" the best poser of the group- even though she doesn't look like it, we think she actually like having the hat on.

Photo 7- "Beanie"-next door neighbor of "Nut" was a bit busy and we rudely interrupted his hunting for a fashion moment.

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