Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ribbon and yarn make great curtain embellishments

This has got to be about the easiest decoration/embellishment ever! We can thank the super pretty book Tinkered Treasures: More than 35 easy-to-make projects to bring charm to the everyday for this inspiration.
 This ribbon embroidery hoop mobile was my inspiration to simply go off to the yarn stash and grab up a whole bunch of spring/Easter colored yarn in a variety of textures and simply cut lengths and wrap them around my curtain rod hooks. Then cut. Did I say easy?
Now I know my St. Patrick's Day towel is in the shot but there are only 2 weeks between St. Pattie's Day and Easter and that is just too little of time to have my house in bunny heaven. So we have the combo decorating going on. If you want to get yourself in the running for a copy of Tinkered Treasures pop on over to Craft Gossip Recycling.

More About the Cico book
Tinkered Treasures: More than 35 easy-to-make projects to bring charm to the everyday
Elyse Major

"Tinkered Treasures is a how-to craft book that demonstrates how everyday mundane items can be transformed into charming and unique items. Elyse Major has created over 35 projects, using objects that can easily be found or that you might already have. She refers to these transformations as 'tinkering' as it perfectly describes her style of embellishing, repurposing and altering things without the need for any specialist tools and equipment or techniques. Tinkering is not about constructing - it's about appreciating the flaws but seeing the potential in little details. Each craft project in this book is designed for complete beginners - there are no particular skills involved. Measuring often gives way to estimating and many of the simple techniques are repeated from project to project. The book shows how to tinker all sorts of household and craft items to create a range of gorgeous gifts, treasures and trinkets, from clothespin dolls and tiny picture frames to favour baskets, bunting, fabric garlands, bookmarks and more. If you are new to crafting, have no fear because simple instructions along with a tools and techniques section are provided. All the projects in this book can be adapted to your own tastes - with a simple colour or pattern change you can create items to suit any style or home."

Thursday, February 7, 2013

How to give Aminekos recycled glove punk rock mohawks

OK sometimes, well a lot of the time, I get silly with my Aminekos. That is just the way they are, they bring out my silliness.
Today the aminekos got recycled glove punk rock mohawks inspired by the super silly book Return of the Stupid Sock Creature.
 They couldn't be easier to make.
 Simply stuff the fingers of a glove with a bit of batting. Then fold up the cuff to the inside. I just pinned the mohawk onto each of their heads but you could stitch them. I think the aminekos like their new spring "do". I know I do!

More about the Lark Crafts book:

Return of the Stupid Sock Creature
John Murphy 

"They're back! John Murphy is famous for his weird and wacky sock creatures. In this follow-up to Stupid Sock Creatures, John shares the spotlight with guest designers in 20 projects that push the boundaries of stupid with crazy-cute quadrupeds, two-headed beasts, pop-eyed monsters, and more. The wide range of difficulty--from a simple one-sock monster to a four-sock extravaganza--means this book will attract all levels and types of crafter. And thanks to John's clear and humorous instructions, absolutely nothing is intimidating. Well, except for Piethagorus. But don't worry, he only eats pie (we think)! 

John Murphy created the Stupid Creatures on a whim in 2003. Since then, he has enjoyed nearly a decade making plush monsters. He's been featured in ReadyMade magazine and the Washington Post and has taught workshops nationwide. John is the author of Stupid Sock Creatures and Closet Monsters. He currently works as a counselor for at-risk kids and their families, and he hopes to do it forever. Visit to see more of John's plush work. He lives in Bessemer City, NC."
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