Friday, January 30, 2015

How to make a recycled plastic food container Valentine " XO" necklace

Making jewelry and playing with letters and type has got to be the ultimate culmination of getting to do two things at once for me. Today I made this fun "XO" (hug and kiss) Valentine's Day necklace out of a black plastic party to-go tray with inspiration from the book Upcycled Jewelry: Bags, Belts, and More.
recycled jewelrey, recycled plastic letters, how to. stefanie girard, valentine jewelry, xo

I die cut the X and O using a Sizzix die cutter out of the black plastic party tray.
recycled jewelrey, recycled plastic letters, how to. stefanie girard, valentine jewelry, xo

I went through my stash of jewelry chain and parts to find elements to put with my plastic letters.
recycled jewelrey, recycled plastic letters, how to. stefanie girard, valentine jewelry, xo

As it turned out a vintage clip earring worked great to use to link the X to the necklace! Totally random and cool.

If you like making recycled jewelry and working with materials in different ways I bet you will really like the book:

upcycled jewelry bags belts more

Upcycle to create 35 stunning pieces of jewellery and accessories. Discover how to take something that was destined for the rubbish bin and give it a new purpose, transforming it into something beautiful. Expert crafter Linda Peterson shows you 35 creative ways to upcycle ring pulls from drinks cans, zips, plastic, bike chains, tyre tubes and more. From a stylish ring pull belt to a pretty gold zip bracelet, and from stamped plastic earrings to a chunky bike chain bangle, there's plenty here to inspire you to get crafting. Every project has clear step-by-step photographs to guide you, and a basic techniques section covers all you'll need to know.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How to make a washi tape heart on book spines for a Valentine's Day decoration

It seems like altering books and arranging them in fun ways is really popular right now. I have always arranged and enjoyed my shelves of books. As a hug fan of washi tape my growing collection inspires me to make more crafts with it. So combine those 2 elements and this is what I came up with: a heart created with washi tape on the spines of books. These happen to be little blank sketchbooks with not very exciting covers-perfect for embellishing with washi tape.
heart, book spine art, Valentine's day, craft, washi tape, collage, Valentine decoration
I also used my Valentine washi tape to decorate a box patchwork style.
heart, book spine art, Valentine's day, craft, washi tape, collage, Valentine decoration
Red, white, pink washi tape
a collection of books sketchbooks are great but since washi tape comes off easy you could use virtually any book
scrap paper

heart, book spine art, Valentine's day, craft, washi tape, collage, Valentine decoration

Step 1: Place books with the spines up between 2 heavy elements to secure them in place
Step 2: Make a heart template out of scrap paper to fit within your book spine area.
Step: 3: Trace lightly the heat shape on the spines
Step 4: Place strips of washi tape on the spines using the pencil lines as your guide.
               In my case I used washi tape with a white background and pink/red designs for the heart      and more solid background red/pinks for the outside area around the heart.

Love Washi tape and looking for a great book filled with tons of pretty washi tape projects check out:

Washi-tape-book 101-ideas
 Washi Tape: 101+ Ideas for Paper Crafts, Book Arts, Fashion, Decorating, Entertaining, and Party Fun!
Courtney Cerruti

If you have never heard of washi tape, get ready to enter a bright new world of paper crafts! Originating in Japan, washi paper is stronger than wood-pulp paper making it perfect for use in projects like origami and scrapbooking. The tape is low tack and slightly transparent, in a mix of adorable colors and patterns, and a brilliant way to make all of your crafts even better. Perfect to use for parties. See how to create invitations, gift wrap, and goodie bags. Holidays have never been more colorful with ideas for ornaments, window adornments, and even garland.

Decorations for your home and office are easy and inexpensive when you use washi tape. Wall d├ęcor, borders and lampshades can become unique works of art and give your home a personal touch. You can even use washi tape in fashion. Dress up your glasses, shoes and jewelry using these simple ideas and designs. And because it's safe to use on delicate items, washi tape is great for personalized gifts like vases and photo albums. Washi Tape by Courtney Cerruti offers 101 amazing ideas that will make this new craft tape your new favorite thing. It's safe to use almost anywhere and great fun for children!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Me and Jane Doe Amineko hangin' in the Lion Brand Booth at CHA Show 2015

Jane Doe Amineko and I had a great time at the Craft and Hobby Show this year. The photo op in the Lion Brand booth with the giant knit hashtage was THE photo op of the show!

If you need to crochet up your very own amineko and then take fun photos grab yourself a copy the adorable book:


 Hello My Name is Amineko follows the journey of Amineko the Crochet Cat and his crocheted friends as they eat, sleep, and have lots of fun and adventures. The book comes with complete step-by-step photography and instructions for creating an Amineko of your very own and personalizing this cute cat with different facial expressions, clothing, and even bedding. Hundreds of color photographs tell the adorable tales, and mischief, that Amineko and his friends find themselves in, with complete instructions for knitting adventures of your own.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Connect two animals prompt from Creative Doodling and Beyond book and kit

Simple art prompts can "render" (yes pun intended) some amazingly cute and silly images. Try this idea for combining two animals in one doodle from the Creative Doodling & Beyond Doodle Book & Kit.


More about the Walter Foster book and kit:



Stephanie Corfee

Artists of all backgrounds will love seeing the world through a
doodler’s eyes thanks to this fun and fanciful doodle book and kit. In
addition to a 40-page project book packed with more than 20 inspiring
prompts and projects, this kit comes with a selection of colorful art
tools designed to help anyone turn their doodles into expressive works
of art!

Creativity prompts provide imaginative ideas to spark fresh
inspiration, while doodling exercises and projects provide
easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for creating original doodled
designs and crafts. Artists will learn doodle number and letter
compositions, whimsical borders, flowers, faces, clothing, and unique
patterns and shapes. Fun techniques, including doodling with closed
eyes, progressively growing a doodle, creating repetitive motifs, and
incorporating rhythm into a composition add to the whimsical nature of
the book. From doodling crazy critters and creating scroll-like motifs
to designing easy gift tags and a personalized seek-and-find game,
artists of all skill levels will find loads of ideas and creative
inspiration to help feed their doodling addiction.

The included materials provide all the essentials for practicing every prompt,
technique, and project inside the project book. With the professional
quality drawing pencil, sharpener, eraser, 8 colored pencils, 8
fine-line markers, loose-leaf drawing paper, lined paper, colored
cardstock, and poster paper included in this portable, magnetic-closure
kit, artists are fully equipped for easy, on-the-go creativity!

Stephanie Corfee is a full-time freelance artist and designer
living in Malvern, PA. She has worked in advertising and marketing and
previously owned her own wedding gown design studio. Today, Stephanie
enjoys the creative freedom that comes from owning her own business
while doing what she loves. She has a colorful, bohemian personal
aesthetic and loves creating fun, whimsical art for children. Visit

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