Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to make a #6 recycled plastic skull Halloween necklace

I have more recycled plastic skull Halloween goodness for you today! This time I am recycling #6 plastic!
That's what the little clear skull is made of. Did you know that #6 plastic shrinks when you heat it? I picked up this fun fact on another recycled crafter's blog who lives in another country where getting Shrinky Dink (brand name) supplies can be difficult. I wish I still had the link to her blog but I alas have lost it!
I started out by cutting the flat part of takeout container down to the size that would fit through the Sizzix die cutter using the Skull and Cross bones die. I punched two holes to join the top and bottom half and one in the top center to attach to the necklace before heating and shrinking with my Marvy Heat gun.I used a bamboo skewer to hold the shrinking plastic in place and help it not stick to each other when curling.
Off to the stash for the rest of the necklace. I used a Plaid Chain Chain Chain over-sized clasps and one of their Flavor bows along with some old white chain reclaimed from an old necklace.

There you have it, recycled plastic Skull 2 of Halloween 2011!

Friday, September 23, 2011

How to make recycled milk jug skulls for Halloween

These cute little skulls are made from a recycled plastic milk jug run through the Sizzix die cutter with the Skull & Crossbones die.
All I did was cut a flat side from the milk jug and run it through the machine. Then punched two sets of tiny holes to wire the jaw to the top of the head and one hole to hang it from. I just wired it together and then to my screen door. As I empty each milk jug I will make more and add them.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Los Angeles Double Rainbow

Los Angeles just doesn't do things small. When we do rainbows, we don't do just one, we do two!

So I thought I'd share them with you along with the crafty goodness from around the blog world:

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Bead Vegan is an occasional post where Cindy the beadmaker posts some of her vegan recipes. This one is inspired by the flavors of India.

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It's all about sewing for little guys this week on Craft Buds, where we've interviewed the authors of the new book "Sewing for Boys" and gave one of their projects a test drive. Also check out the roundup of sewing apps for iPhone and Android users.

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Tammy shows how she made a cat tube using a knitting loom.

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Connie's tracked down a favorite designer just in time for Halloween cuteness!

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How to make an easy candle decoration in a jiffy.

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Have you ever thought of visiting the automotive store to pick up collage supplies?

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How to make a recycled book page pumpkin Halloween card.

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Check out all of these wonderful craft products that help raise money for breast cancer awareness!

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

How to make a recycled book page Halloween card inspired by The Cloth Paper Scissors Book

I love this time of year. It's still mostly warm but there is a slight chill in the air and there is plenty of time to make holiday decorations and crafts. Today I made this card with some inspiration from the new book The Cloth Paper Scissors Book.
The design that was my inspiration was by Kelli Nina Perkins where she incorporated pages from books with watercolor painting.
I like to use translation dictionaries and I just happen to have recently scored a Marvy Uchida Halloween set punch that had a cute pumpkin as part of it.
So I punched out the page that had the translation of pumpkin and then I water colored it.
I added the bat as well (it was too cute not to!)

More about the book from Interweave Press:

The Cloth Paper Scissors Book

Barbara Delaney

Find out where paint, paper, fabric, metal, and wax all come to play

Uncover the very best articles and projects from the first six years of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. Barbara Delaney, assistant editor for Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, has assembled a gold mine of the top articles, hands-on art pieces, and mixed-media ideas for the first time ever. Explore the exciting worlds of collage, journaling, encaustic, printing, assemblage, metal work, and more. Discover how to make interesting fabric surface designs, keep a uniquely-you sketchbook, and transform a basic photograph into something unexpected. The only rule in this must-have mixed-media resource is that there are no rules.

In addition to projects and techniques, the artists of The Cloth Paper Scissors Book elaborate on their favorite tools and mediums. Choosing and using just the right paint, fabric, paintbrush, glue, paper, wax, found object, and more is made easy for you with this light-hearted guide. The projects inside are suitable for many skill levels, with opportunities for every mixed-media enthusiast to have fun while enhancing their skills and adding a personal touch to their art. If you are new to mixed-media, you will love the accessible and easy-to-learn projects. And if you are already familiar with mixed-media and Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, you will love the convenience of owning so many great articles and art project ideas in one superb collection.

The Cloth Paper Scissors Book, you'll enjoy the advice and company of the best mixed-media artists in the convenience of your own home.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 11 Memorial Ride to the Flags- me and awesome sailors at Point Mugu Naval Base

I had the pleasure of participating in the Ride to the Flags on this past 10th anniversary of 9-11.
I think this is my favorite photo of the day where some of this countries finest took a moment for a photo op with me. Thanks to all who serve. I just can't say that enough!
I also took a moment to write a letter to a service person through the great program Operation Gratitude that was there.

A simple thing as a hand written letter can be special.

Anyone who makes things or gets things hand made knows this.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How to use a Simplicity Deluxe SideWinder to wind thread for serging

I've got a fun little "Tool Time" share today. I scored myself a darling red cotton polka dot sundress at the thrift store but it had a ripped hem and anyway it was too long for my liking. So I thought I'd serge the two hems as it had a lining as well.
It worked dreamy but the "Tool Time" aspect I want to share with you is for some reason I only had 2 spools of red serger thread but I do have a handy dandy Simplicity Deluxe SideWinder and a stash of empty thread spools!
As it turns out thread spools fit on the assortment of bobbin holders that come with the Simplicity Deluxe SideWinder. All I had to do was manually with my finger guide the thread up and down the tall spool to load it as it should be.
Worked like a charm at the slow speed!

Wind on.
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