Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to make a #6 recycled plastic skull Halloween necklace

I have more recycled plastic skull Halloween goodness for you today! This time I am recycling #6 plastic!
That's what the little clear skull is made of. Did you know that #6 plastic shrinks when you heat it? I picked up this fun fact on another recycled crafter's blog who lives in another country where getting Shrinky Dink (brand name) supplies can be difficult. I wish I still had the link to her blog but I alas have lost it!
I started out by cutting the flat part of takeout container down to the size that would fit through the Sizzix die cutter using the Skull and Cross bones die. I punched two holes to join the top and bottom half and one in the top center to attach to the necklace before heating and shrinking with my Marvy Heat gun.I used a bamboo skewer to hold the shrinking plastic in place and help it not stick to each other when curling.
Off to the stash for the rest of the necklace. I used a Plaid Chain Chain Chain over-sized clasps and one of their Flavor bows along with some old white chain reclaimed from an old necklace.

There you have it, recycled plastic Skull 2 of Halloween 2011!

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Maggie said...

Hi Stefanie,

I just wanted to let you know that I featured your tutorial on my site, I linked to this project:

I would like to know if I can link like this to you, including a photo, in the future. Or if you would be willing to allow me to post projects in full on the site - full credit will always be given to you, of course. Your projects have the opportunity to be featured in our newsletter as well. It would be yet another source of traffic to your blog.

Please let me know, I would love to work with you further.
Maggie Kmiecik

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