Thursday, September 27, 2012

How to use home made rubber stamps to customize a Freak Flag

Yup I do! Fly my Freak Flag high....or at least have fun trying to photograph it while waving it!

I scored a Freak flag from Julia of the "Fly Your Freak Flag High!" movement at the last Maker Faire. You can see photos of others customized over at her site but here is how I stamped mine with rubber stamps I made.

 To see how to make your own rubber stamps pop on over to Craftside.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Crochet mini doily from the book Use Up That Yarn! by The Crochet Dude

I love little quick and easy ....oh and cute projects and that is just what these crocheted coasters featured on the cover and in Use Up That Yarn! are.
I whipped one up, well not even the whole thing, just the inside part out of some black and white variegated yarn and look what I had...a tiny doily for one of my tiny pumpkins.

Got a lot of leftover yarn from projects than Use Up That Yarn! is the book for you!

More about the book from the publisher Leisure Arts:

Use Up That Yarn!


Drew Emborsky

"Crochet is so relaxing! But if mountains of partial skeins and "someday" yarns are causing calamity in your closets, it can be difficult to decide what to make next. With Drew Emborsky's quick and easy stash busters, you can clean up the clutter! The Crochet Dude(R) presents 13 practical projects that are fantastically fast at shrinking a stash. Set the table with crocheted coasters, a table runner, or decorative bowls. Use up that yarn to crochet a coffee cup sleeve or tea cozy. For outdoor wear, get toasty in a hat-and-scarf set. These speedy designs will get your yarn collection under control, restoring serenity to your crochet time--and your closets!"

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to make a recycled champagne cork acorn

I tend to save champagne and wine corks. Don't a lot of us? Well, now that it's fall, not that you would know it by the 100 degree weather, it's time to start the fall crafting (even if it is in the air conditioning). An that is just what I did.
I cut the top half off the champagne cork's roundish part. Then I carved it back to having a rounded edge. The bottom half I carved down to a rounded pointy tip like an acorn. Then I cut the line where the top half and bottom of the acorn meet a bit more deep.

All then that was left to do was a bit of smoothing of the cut marks and I did that with my Dremel.Oh and glue a tiny bit of a stick from the yard onto the top.
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