Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Crewel Tray for Home Shopping Network

I was scrolling through my iphoto and I ran across these projects I crafted for Plaid (yes, I work for Plaid) isn't it kiszmet (sp?) and I thought I'd share this one. It was a simple wood tray with a glass base. It originally had a photo mat that would hold 4 photos. I simply cut a new single large mat and covered it with wool felt and placed the crewel embroidery in it. For a video of the HSN segment that it was used in the display as a sample of what you can do with their kit click on the above link!

The crewel designs are by Katherine Shaughnessy, I had picked up her book, The New Crewel) previousely to getting this assignment (kiszmet again) I am working on a variation which hopefully will be able to post soon. So stay tuned!

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