Monday, November 19, 2007

Felt Club Rocks 2007

Yesterday was Felt Club! It rocked. I saw lots of people from all the shows I worked on in the past and it was great seeing all their craftiness and catching up!

This is the line about a half an hour before it opened. We got there about an hour before. This insured our getting a fabulous goodie bag- and it was a silver lame bag from Handmade Galleries LA filled with cool stuff including the latest great issue of Adorn Magazine.

Below is Cathi Milligan of on the left and her amazing macrame handmade bead curtain and me in my outrageously loud embroidered alligator pants. You can take the girl out of Connecticut but you can't take the Preppy out of the girl!


TheLoreline said...

sorry i missed it this time!

the candyass said...

Even though I have gone to a couple Church of Craft meeting I have never met you BUT I did go to Felt Club last Sunday and I totally remember YOUR PANTS, haha! They looked really great:)

Anonymous said...

This year Macy's is featuringhuge, and I mean HUGE LaCoste alligator felt ornaments on their trees in the Trim a Tree Shop. It looks to me like "Super Sized" is the theme this year.

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