Friday, January 4, 2008

Another Blast from the Past-Aerosol Can Lid Hat

This is a pin cushion in the form of a little hat made from an aerosol can lid (probably hair spray) and some leftover trim and fabric. My great grandmother made this one. It is on my list of to-do's.
Question I put out there-Since aerosol cans are not part of my household- any suggestions on where to scavenge up these lids?

And something for a Friday laugh-my cousin modeling the hat!


popcorn said...

1. Qsk friends who do use aerosol cans to save them for you.
2. Use tuna cans, or small size fruit or vegetable cans and cover them with fabric.
3. Use plastic individual fruit or pudding cups.
4. Ask your mother to save them for you and send them to you.
5. Use yogurt cups and cover them on the outside.

Anonymous said...

spray starch lids work also

Dave Lowe said...

I've got shelves full of spray paint. I gave up long ago trying to match the colored caps to what's in the can. I've now labeled the cans with a fingerprint smudge of the color inside.

The caps are all yours if you want them.

Dave Lowe said...


Many years back, around 1994, I went to the recycling center on Flower Street in Burbank on a "What do I have to lose?" shopping trip looking for odd stuff to decorate a SCI FI set. They bent over backwards to help me find stuff and I recall seeing a whole bin of plastic tops to things.

Ann said...

Try the local hair salon. They would probably share!

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