Monday, January 7, 2008

Zyzygy in my life-Words, Love and Razor Blades

Flashback: In high school I made an alphabet book with pictures cut and glued from magazines, I still do this, it's now my profession-who new?

So the word I chose for "Z" was zyzygy-when 3 or more heavenly bodies align.

I love this word and I love when things coincide especially in irony.

So what has aligned you ask? Words, love and razor blades.

Click on image to read about it and where you can get it!

I got this fabulous silver razor blade with a heart cut out in the center necklace (which I LOVE for Christmas. Incidentally designed by a fellow Pratt grad!

Simultaneously I was reading "Sharp Objects" (with a razor blade on the cover) by Gillian Flynn. Stephanie Klose wrote about how she couldn't put it down on her blog- so when someone says that I generally take that as a good book, and I LOVED it!

So my love of the words of the book and (the words she cuts into her body) combined with razor blades and my new jewelry all just aligned!

There you have it.

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