Monday, May 19, 2008

6 Degrees of Separation from Hanna Montana and Stefanie Girard

I bet your wondering, "What is up with that title?" Like I've said before, half the fun of blogging is coming up with the funky titles.
Hanna Montana AKA Miley Cyrus and her recent photo hubbub reminded me that I actually had some connection with her. Yes 6 degrees or maybe 6000, but none the less this is what I thought I'd share with ya'll today!
Crafting with Hanna Montana. To be honest I don't think I even new who she was until the fab people at Wrights e-mailed asking if I could work my crafty magic and whip up some samples to display in their booth at CHA winter 2008. These iron-ons were a dream to work with and perfect for the crafter who wants virtual instant satisfaction!

Flash back to CHA Winter 2008 and here I am being my goofy self:

Click on image to enlarge to get a better look at all the details.

I also got to incorporate their yummy trims in the designs. This camo sweatshirt rocked with the Hanna Montana iron-ons and olive/beaded trim.

I sooooo loved the little red dress on the left with the velvet Tinkerbell iron-ons.
Isn't this cute; they put my name on their tag!

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