Monday, May 5, 2008

Rock and Roll Sewing Sweater Surgery Style

I realized after I finished my last post that it wasn't the first time I had crafted with a rock.
Here is a photo of a very dusty and faded pin cushion rock.

Why in the world would I make a rock a pin cushion? Well, it didn't start out as the plan. I used to get a tone of catalogs when I worked as a set decorator because I was always shopping and buying stuff for sets.

I had seen in a catalog rock votive candle holders placed on a beach and thought they looked really cool. So I got a big-a** drill bit and went to town on a rock.

So I had a votive rock candle holder.

A crap load of good that does a person who doesn't burn candles because she's way to scared to set her house on fire with all the paper, fabric and yarn flying around it!

Well what's a crafty girl to do but to transform it into something useful for a fiber-fanatic....a pin cushion!
Here it is reupholstered old wool felted sweater (lest ye forget this is the Home of Sweater Surgery!)

Have any of you crafted with a rock? Leave a link in the comment section, we'd all love to see!


Dave Lowe said...

You have inspired me...stay tuned. In the meantime, I must now details on drilling the hole in the rock? I've done before but ruining many a drill bit. Masonry bits were the way to go but even they got torn up?

Iowa Sunshine said...

I haven't used a rock but i have used a big clam shell from our river! It was awesome! I love your rock pin cushion! =) It looks perfect! HUGS

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