Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Leaf it to me Bead Ring

When I get into a zone, I just keep going. Over at Craftside today there is the "how-to" for the flower ring on the right.

But I thought I'd post here the leaf one I made. I'll tell you the back story of it's inspiration. I was in the bead store and there were these fabulous glass bead flowers and I was looking at them and I must have held it up to my hand to see if it would look good as a ring. The sales lady must have seen me and she said that she tried it and they broke right away. They were way too fragile. So was indulging in my green bead love that day and I picked up these cool two tone leaf beads, I think they were about $2.
I simply cut lengths of wire (26 gauge) and twisted the beads on with the wire to the backside of each leaf. I then wired the clusters onto the ring blank. How easy is that?

Oh and be sure to check out Craftside tomorrow, there will be a recycled hidden ring storage project that you'll be sure to want to make!


Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

What a great idea! I'll be linking to this today.

Cyndi L said...

How clever! I can imagine all kinds of sparkly variations... :-)

cathie filian said...

I tried to email you and your mailbox is full.... UGH! Count me in for the blog. Email me when you can.


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