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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The First Rule of a Gunfight is Bring a Gun Cross stitch

Just thought I'd share with you my latest finished cross stitch. I did this one different than I have done in the past. I used to use the font in the back of the wonderful book Subversive Cross stitch and grid paper to arrange the letters, but now I use a computer font, Home Sweet Home and type out the words and print it out. I just sketched the guns. (The border is from Subversive Cross stitch)

What I did learn though was that it was important to do the boarder before the guns. I originally thought I would do the guns and then the border, but where I had originally sketched the gun placement would have been too close into the type.

This is the favorite saying of a friend's Grandfather and so I thought I'd make it as a gift.

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