Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jewelry with a bang! Shotgun shells made into a necklace, bracelet and rings

Fire in the hole! is what you say before firing a gun or detonating explosives on a set. Well, that was all that was running though my mind when I was hacking up these shotgun shells to make this jewelry!

I just love recycling and upcycling!
All I did was cut off the plastic part (I will be sure to post what I make with that soon!) and sanded the remaining bit of plastic flush with the metal edge. I then glued ring blanks to the back for the rings. For the bracelet I taped the bracelet blank to the table first so I was sure to get all the casings aligned, I find it a bit easier to do it this way when gluing multiple items to one project. It also helped keep the glue off the spacer sections.

If you liked this jewelry pop over to Craftside to check out a bullet casing bracelet posted there!


Sherri said...

With a houseful of hunters, I just love this project idea! Might make a good stocking stuffer! :-)

gina said...

Hi, I know its been a long time since this was posted, but I just LOVE the rings, and wonder if you could tell me what kind of ring blank you used and adhesive, because I definitely want to make some of these! Thanks!

Chrissy Hill said...

What did you use to cut the plastic part?

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