Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sweater Surgery Pumpkins

These little babies couldn't be easier to make. I used a rib knit sweater and simply cut different size tubes. (sleeves are a good source to start with)

Then did a gather stitch at each end. Before pulling the gather stitch closed at the second end I stuffed it with batting.

I sewed a few stitches from top to bottom causing the pumpkin to be a bit more pumpkin shaped.

I cut small squares of different green wool felted sweaters and rolled them into tubes for the stems. If you need more pumpkin goodness check out this post over at Craftside for some tiny needle felted pumpkins that I made.


Judy said...

Cute! Good use for an orange sweater. Hmmm, I bet next summer I should go to garage sales that are OSU fans! Lots of orange stuff at those!


blog said...

Very creative :) I stumbled across your blog am never gonna throw my sweaters any more :)

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