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Thursday, November 20, 2008

One week till Turkey Day and I have a Sweater Surgery Turkey for you!

Well I'm not much of a cook, baker, yes, cooker, no. But I do like to keep in a festive mood.
So this is the "Sweater Surgery" answer to Turkey Day.

It was pretty easy to make.
All you need is a tan wool felted sweater, some batting, and some embroidery floss.
I sketched out the shape of the legs and the body on paper. Then cut out four shapes for the two legs and two pieces for the body.

I blanket stitched each part together and when there was just an inch or two left open I stuffed it with fiber fill and continued to blanket stitch the piece closed.

I used pieces of Velcro to attached the legs to the body so they could be removed. This allows for fun "eating" shots with the turkey legs.

I am thankful for all of you readers! It has been just about a year since I've started this blog and I have received a whole bunch of nice comments from people I didn't know before I started this (and people I did know) and that has been just wonderful!

I hope you all continue to enjoy it!


GloucesterMary said...

Stef..i saw the cutest little sweater surgery turkey in a store near us! He's just the turkey head and chest really...made from various felted bits of differnt colors. And he was sitting atop a pineapple which sort of served as his a table centerpiece. I wish I'd taken a picture.

Anonymous said...

Puts me in the mind of Marie Barone's (from Everybody Loves Raymond) tofu turkey!

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