Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jackalope Pillow-Upcycled, Recycled wool felted sweater surgery style

To end the year I have probably one of my favorite Sweater Surgery projects yet to share with you!
It uses the combination of two of my favorite images into another of my favorite images.
The Jackalope!
I love it so much I used it twice!

Here is the template I used.
I cut a jackalope out of each color of the wool felted sweater taking care to flip the template over for the opposite pointing jackalope. Also paying attention to which color the background was the each was going to be needle felted on.
This is what it looked like on the back after I needle felted the 2 pieces together. I sewed up the sides and I have a cute new slip cover for my old little pillow.

Happy New Year Ya'll!


Tammy said...

This is the first I've heard of a jackalope! That's an excellent idea for giving pillows a face lift. I've got a few around here that need that and felt is so easy to work with.

martita said...

I have to admit that your blog is so interesting! I found it by the video on youtube :)
it's great idea for recycling sweater :)
greetings and happy new year!

Rabbithorns said...

rabbits with horns - they're the best!

lorrwill said...

o.m.g. it took me a sec to recognize the jackalopes. I can't believe people still remember these. They are a big joke in Colorado or at least they were in the 70's when I lived there.

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