Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ears and eyes knit hats that rock from PolarKnit

So Winter TNNA 2009 was this past weekend and it was a fiber-blast!
This is Maria Del Pinto and I in the PolarKnit booth. They make polar fleece yarn-can I just say how soft and warm and pretty and scrumptious it is????
It gets better, not only do they have fabulous yarn, they have these killer hat patterns,
Above is me sporting the Elf hat:Pop on over here for the FREE pattern and below is Maria in the Polka dot alien hat, Click here for the FREE pattern for this and the devil hat she is sporting in the first photo!
So not only do they have yummy yarn, killer free patterns they also have:

Yarn Dots unite knitters with smiles, passion, attitude and fun! They pop easily into any knitted or crocheted chunky item. Yarn Dots come in eight funky designs that are guaranteed to add a little flair to your wardrobe. Pop one into your knitted hat and one into your scarf. Check out the pink "Skully" Yarn Dot below. It's a customer favorite!

I haven't decided where I'm putting mine (it is currently on my computer keyboard making me smile) but I can't wait to figure it out!

Another very cool aspect of TNNA is running into other fiber designers and checking out what they currently are sporting. We ran into Myra Wood, author of Creative Crochet Lace. She was carring this cool crocheted bag made from soda can tabs, is is made by Escama Studio. How cool is that!
I'll have more yarnie goodness soon!


Cyndi L said...

Stefanie, those hats ROCK!!

scoopy (Emily) said...

It was nice to meet you at CHA! Thanks for a fun felting make & take!

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