Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sweater cuff Gun recycling logo

My friends know how I am a die hard crafter and one of them gave me a whole tote full of her cast off craft supplies, whoo hoo Christmas in January!

Well in this box of treasures were these neat little gun studs. You know those fun little bits of metal that you poke through fabric or paper and bend back the tabs to secure.

I took them out of the package to see if they were going in both directions but alas they only pointed to the right. So I started to play around with a few of them to see what kind of layout would work. This is what I came up with:
I think it looks like this symbol:
Kinda works out perfect for this here blog and designer who's favorite thing is making something out of something else!

By the way if you hadn't guessed the base of my cuff is the cuff of a slightly felted sweater that I cut just after the cuff seam which is why it has a ruffle look.

And yes that is my ironic "welcome" sign at my front door :)

And I am proud and giddy to announce I was interviewed by a wonderful AP (Associated Press) reporter, Jennifer Forker and you can check it out over at MSNBC

It includes 2 project that are super fun to make so be sure to get yourself some more Sweater Surgery!


lorrwill said...

Well done.
At first I was, I dunno, guns, killing, death, etc. But the recycle logo thing is totally cool.

Nelesc said...

I love this idea. I make cuffs too, but out of fabric ( Gotta try it with a sweater. By the way, I took your book out of the library and LOVE it!!! When i get enough mula will definitely buy for my collection. Thanks for all the info you put out there.

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