Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gun Embroidery using Sublime Stitching Patterns

My guns are done! I started this embroidery project a while ago and then got busy. Ya I know heard that one before. But well I got a good kick in the butt to finish because I scored a copy of a new book that I wanted to make stuff in but I needed to finish the embroidery I had started before I could start something new.

I used Sublime Stitching's Country Cool Pattern but split the crossed guns apart and put one on each arm. I also worked my sweater surgery on this sweater. I made little tucks with running stitches to make it smaller and more fitted.
On the back I did them on a curve.

So this is the rockin' new book that I now am free and clear to start stitchin' some of the fabulous designs contained there in:

Sublime Stitching: Hundreds of Hip Embroidery Patterns and How-To

Elizabeth Taylor, Carrie Fisher, Tracey Ullman, and Laura Dern all own her work. Now, in her much-anticipated first book, embroidery pioneer Jenny Hart brings her sublime designs to everyone. Expanding on the offerings of her Stitch-It Kit, Sublime Stitching offers all the instructions, tips, and hip patterns needed to create hundreds of stylish projects. Perfect for stitchers of all experience levels, this charmingly photographed book includes simple directions and inspiring project ideas for stitching up jeans, handbags, neckties, baby bibs, and more. Best of all are the entirely original, ready-to-use iron-on patterns bound in the back. Jenny has included all sorts of delightful designs—from cheeky margaritas and maracas to classic teapots and cupcakes. These patterns are easy to remove after using, and a cinch to store in the handy pockets on the inside covers. Believe it or not, each pattern can be used up to nine times. Now that's sublime.

Off to the closet to see what needs a new look!

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phunkymama said...

Love the way you sewed the tucks to make the sweater more fitted!

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