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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chain Soup and Photo necklace inspired by the fab book Chain Style by Jane Dickerson

I love chain and the book Chain Style is positively the most inspiring book on this topic! I combined my love of chain with some of my favorite photos to make this necklace:

I am calling it "chain soup necklace".
Have you ever made "bead soup" necklaces? Where you go to your stash of all your leftovers and just string or link them up and you come out with a cool mixed design?

Well, that's what I felt like doing after flipping through page after page of Chain Style savoring all the chain pieces combined with fun elements.

So here is how I made my chain soup (and photo) necklace:

I cut up a contact sheet of photos into little squares that fit into the little photo links. I used a wide variety of photos, as it turned out there was quite a mixture.

Then I made them into bead links with a piece of 20 gauge wire the same way you would with a bead just using the set of holes on the top side of the photo frame link.

Then all that was left to do is go through the stash of leftover chain and link it all together with a single big link between each photo frame link along with tiny lengths of chain that dripped and swagged.

So if you are like me and love chain you will definitely be super inspired by:

Chain Style: 50 Contemporary Jewelry Designs
Jane Dickerson

More about from the publisher Interweave

"Incorporating chain as a key element in jewelry design is becoming increasingly popular, and this handy instructional assists jewelry artists in discovering the ease and affordability of manipulating the medium to produce stunning and fashionable pieces. Using commonly found chain metals, such as brass, copper, sterling silver, gunmetal, aluminum, base metal, and goldtone, this extensive and accessible reference presents 50 fun and creative methods for showcasing chain styles to make even the most inexperienced designer look like a pro. Covering basic essential techniques—including opening and closing jump rings, cutting, oxidizing, and hammering—this informative and engaging manual focuses on simple chain styles that can be constructed to form clean, modern, wearable art."


Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Very nice! I love the little metal frames. Bought a bunch of those and they've been laying around waiting for inspiration. TFS.

Margot Potter said...

Love this project! What a smart way to use these collage frames.


Connie G. Barwick said...

This would be a great project for a vacation memento!

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