Monday, February 8, 2010

Cool Wedding Dress Photo and Crafty Blogger links I love

This was a store front in North Hollywood. My friend and I both really liked the black light effect on the wedding dresses.

Mixed Media Artist
Snow painting? Sure...go shovel up a small bucket full and meet Cyndi at her blog!

Craftside-A behind-the-scenes peek at a crafty world
Craftside's got how-tos on making a double sided hanger out of a soda tab, burning the edges of silk, a good list of essential oils to add to homemade paints, a gift tote bag tutorial and some really wacky mannequin outfits from CHA!

The Artful Crafter
How to make laminated tasseled bookmarks and personalize them for any occasion. And don't miss Eileen's follow-on tutorial on making your own tassels (should you run out mid-project as she did, lol).

About Family Crafts
Sherri wonders, "What could you create using buttons?"

Aileen's Musings
Aileen has a funtastical mini tutorial on creating a mailable canvas valentine and birthday card!

Cathie Filian
Enter to win Cathie's HUGE 101 Snappy Fashions Giveaway!

Crafty Princess Diaries
Tammy is so excited! She has some new craft books to read, yes!

Cross Stitch at
Stitch up some witty signs for your laundry room using patterns Connie created using help from the Laundry Guide Mary.

Margot Potter The Impatient Crafter
Make a romantic ribbon wristlet with The Impatient Crafter for iLoveToCreate.

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