Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I love my Mom from head to "Toe" Mother's Day card

Yup, the woman who crafted me and had to put up with me at my craziest cutting up moments is to be honored with these absolutely silly socks. My Mom is waaaaaay conservative so there are for sure over the top, but I felt the sentiment was true.

At first I was just going to pop them in an envelope but then I decided to make the card a little more special.

I die cut a few letters "texting" style and taped the socks in with removable poster double sided tape. (I love how the packaging matched the card)
And what Mom doesn't have a stash of handmade cards? Why not get her a special place that she can slide them in without damaging them and flip through them like a book? Sound like a plan? Then score yourself a Card Album!
Here are a few Card Albums that I decorated with the words "Mother's Day Cards" on the front and the word "Mom" with the "o" being a heart die cut on the spine that would show when the Card Album was on a book case.

1 comment:

Eileen Bergen said...

Even though they may not be her style, what mom wouldn't love the sentiment on the socks? Very cute.

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