Thursday, July 28, 2011

Margot Potter's latest bling sensation-New Dimensions in Bead and Wire Jewelry

Margot Potter tops herself every time! Her latest book New Dimensions in Bead and Wire Jewelry: Unexpected Combinations, Unique Designs is beyond inspiring. I have almost every book she has written and they are just a wealth of sparkly projects and techniques that every jewelry maker can use as a great tool to kick their designs into fabulous-land! (Oh! and want to win a copy? Pop on over to Craft Gossip Recycled to enter to win one)
This pair of upcycled earrings is my first bit of bling inspired by New Dimensions in Bead and Wire Jewelry.
I took my first inspiration from her project titled Amphora. What really caught my eye was her color combo combined with the size and shape elements she chose to work with. I went through my stash to find some square beads to combine with contrasting seed beads.

I used some old plain hoops as my base and wrapped away. I used 3 square beads as Margot did as the rule of 3's makes for a pleasing design and filled the rest of the hoop with the tiny black glass seed beads. I really like light blue and black but I will most definitely be trying the red and sick green combo too!
New Dimensions in Bead and Wire Jewelry:
Unexpected Combinations, Unique Designs

Margot Potter

Discover 30 stepped-out projects that explore the possibilities for using wire as a dimensional design feature as well as a structural one through combinations of both hard, soft wire and beads. In addition to basic wire-working techniques, inside New Dimensions in Bead and Wire Jewelry you'll find a thorough introduction to the various types of wire that popular author Margot Potter uses throughout the book. Projects are organized into five chapters, each with a different focus on the type of wire used. Two chapters focus on hard-wire projects, two on soft wire, and a final chapter combines the two wire types together. Troubleshooting tips are sprinkled throughout the book and three variations per chapter give you great additional inspiration!

Margot Potter has published six jewelry-making books with North Light Books. She's a designer, author, freelance writer, consultant, public speaker, actor and vocalist, video host and TV personality. Margot also creates innovative designs for major manufacturers, books and magazines and teaches popular seminars and classes at major craft and jewelry industry events.

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Eileen Bergen said...

I love the book cover, as well as the earrings you made inspired by Margot's book, Stef.

Thanks for the review. My copy is on its way ... I can hardly wait.

I have an image of you standing in the kitchen with that dangerous looking knife for your photo shoot. En guarde! lol.

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