Thursday, January 26, 2012

How to crochet a chain silver lame bracelet

I am a BIG fan of making something that is generally made out of one material out of something completely unconventional and unexpected and that is just the project that I fell in love with from the book Crocheted and Stitched Jewelry.

In Crocheted and Stitched Jewelry there is a crocheted chain necklace. I just had to make some crocheted chain! Off to the stash and I found some Lion Brand Silver Lame Metallic Yarn and I went with a size F hook.

I followed the basic stitch pattern and construction in Crocheted and Stitched Jewelry but I made a bracelet.

Confession: I actually brought this project to a meeting and I whipped this bracelet together in 2 hours!

I love it! I will most definitely be making more of these!

If you like making crocheted and stitched jewelry too then I bet you will love:
Handmade at Home: Crocheted and Stitched Jewelry
Emi Iwakiri

"Crocheted and Stitched Jewellery is part of a brand new series of craft titles from CICO. Beautifully packaged as a jacketed paperback and printed on woodfree paper, this series brings you a number of popular crafts at a very affordable price. Using traditional Japanese crochet techniques, Emi Iwakiri shows you how to create these adorable designs that include ribbons, beads, bows and even scraps from your sewing box. There are stunning ideas here to suit every occasion, from a classic cream silk pearl necklace to a vintage-style crocheted flower necklace. Try making a luxurious beaded collar to add a touch of glamour to any outfit, an elegant linen flower to wear in your hair or as a corsage or a fun, multi-coloured pompom bracelet for a modern, striking look. Whether you want to create original jewellery for yourself or to give as presents, you are sure to love Emi’s gorgeous Japanese designs. And once you have mastered her simple basic techniques, you will be able to create your own bespoke pieces in no time."


Eileen Bergen said...

It's lovely, Stef. I would have thought the lame would be harder to work with. Yet you did that pretty bracelet in two hours! Thanks for the inspiration.

Nicole G said...

Adorable work!!!

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