Monday, April 2, 2012

Unusual Easter Egg decorations

I have been having some fun decorating eggs but not really the usual way or with the traditional themes. I was flipping through The Art of Papercutting and I came across this page that has a tutorial for decorating eggs with paper. Well, in keeping with my theme of unusual and recycling, I went to a copy of a fashion magazine to see what paper I could harvest.
I found a picture of a rather cranky lady and the word "guilty" and hey, in my mind they would make an awesome bit of egg decoupage.
After the dust settled...actually the Mod Podge dried I popped on my finger tip Hot Glue Gun Helper and flipped the switch on the Ad Tech cordless hot glue gun and secured a ribbon loop and a recycled Glass Glintz to each of my eggs.
As you can see I decoupaged one egg with a photo of scissors and stamped the word "head" on get the joke right?
Egg Head??? Paper cutting???

Yah I know dorky!

If you like working with paper there are tons more great projects in:
The Art of Papercutting
Deborah Schneebeli-Morrell

More about the book from the publisher Cico Books:

"Papercutting has a long history, originally as a traditional folk art practised across Europe and North America, and now elevated to new, sophisticated levels. Here, Deborah Schneebeli-Morrell presents a stunning collection of 35 papercutting projects, ranging from party decorations, decoupage pictures and paper flowers, to greetings cards and gift tags. All have easy-to-follow instructions, with advice on the best paper to use for a superb result. Papers used in this book range from lightweight crepe paper and tissue to heavier weight card and water-colour paper. Recycling plays an important role, too - finding, collecting and using small scraps of discarded paper to incorporate into something new is a rewarding process. Here you will find wallpaper, postage stamps, gift wrap and postcards given a new lease of life. Whether you are new to the art of papercutting, or a skilled crafter looking for fresh ideas, the projects featured in the book will inspire you to pick up your scissors and a sheet of paper and create something beautiful."


Julianna B said...

Simply adorable! Perfect!

Eileen Bergen said...

I love that you hot-glued the hanging loops. Brilliant! I can't count how many blown-out egg shells I have ruined when trying to insert the hanging loops.

I like your choice of phrases - not dorky at all ;-)

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