Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Yarn ball pumpkin fall decoration inspired by Conan O'Brien's Bill Tull Holiday Tips segment

If you watch the Conan O'Brien show and have seen the Bill Tull Tips segment you will appreciate the simplicity of this fall decoration that consists of yarn balls and sticks to make pumpkins. Literally this project took me less than 5 minutes!
Simply go out to your yard or your nearest tree and clip a branch into small segments.

Go to your yarn stash and pull out your orange balls of yarn. Tuck the label inside/under the ball and pop the stick in the center top.

Boom, pumpkin!

P.S. if you wanted to get fancy, cut shapes out of black felt and attach them on to the yarn balls to form Jack-o-lanterns.

When the season is over simply wrap the label back over the yarn ball and return it to the stash zone and pop the sticks in the yard.

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