Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dymo old and new school

I love the little labels these guys make. I love the font too that looks like it and I even have the rubber stamps that look like it.
This old one- The DYMO-MITE is beautiful just to look at. I believe it was my grandfather Girard's. I have some of his old tools and most of them have his name on them made with these labels.
It always brings a smile to may face when I see one of the labels on the tool.
I got a new Dymo recently and while the features have been upgraded- I will still keep the old one just 'cause it's so pretty!

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Anonymous said...

We went hunting for a newer, but old DYMO that was once also owned by PEPE, but we now think maybe we sold it in a tag sale. We bought a new computerized keyboard thing to make labels. Do you think we have tried it? No sirree Bob, too many directions. Long live the mechanical, the simple, the tried and true. That will teach us to discard precipitously!

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