Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter 2008- The trouble with taking "hunting photos"

Have you ever tried to take pictures of an Easter Egg Hunt? Well this is what my experience has brought me, excellent "butt shots" -just what everyone wants.

Oh, and running away shots!

So, I gave up on the random shots and we posed with our loot (in case your wondering, kids hunt for the traditional eggs and the adults hunt for little airline bottles of alcohol. This is me and my com padre with our findings thus far. We never find them all. Cindy has become so good at hiding them we estimate 5-6 are left in the yard.
La Famia posing for a group portrait on a very windy day. (Always good for the hair!)

And after we all gave up, we partake in the other Holiday (Halloween) tradition of the "Big Swap" First we all assess our findings and then scope out what others have scored. Decisions are often made based on the prettiness of the bottles (You know how us crafters are!)

Thanks for a great day family!

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Anonymous said...

I laughed when I read this post. One year I made our daughter a scrapbook for Christmas. One page had a pix of her bending over to try to find an Easter egg. The caption on the page read: Could it be? Yes it is! The Easter Keester!

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