Sunday, March 9, 2008

In Loving Memory-The Dad of a Crafter

Today I learned of the passing of one of my dearest friend's Dad. Lorelei and I have produced a ton of Knitty Gritty episodes together. Nothing builds a friendship like being in the yarn trenches together. I called her to invite her to this month's Church of Craft meeting. I had been missing her, but I had just figured she was out on tour being a rock star. I was so very sorry to hear the news.

So I asked the gathering if it was OK to dedicate the meeting to him. Catholics say a mass in memory of a loved one, so we crafted in his memory.

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Meowdemeow said...

Hi Stephanie. Thanks for coming to Church of Craft yesterday, and thanks for posting this lovely picture of us. I hope to see you the next time we meet.

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