Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tomato Plants started in Egg Cartons

They're sprouting.
I started tomato and a few other seeds in cardboard egg cartons. They do need to be rotated several times a day but super fun to watch.
Now anyone who knows me, is asking themselves- What is Stefanie doing growing tomato plants? Well, everyone seems to always like home grown tomatoes, so I grow them for the pure joy of growing things and then give them away.
It's kind of like crafting!


Sarah said...

How long can you grow the plants in the egg cartons before they need to be transplanted?

Stef said...

Well, I am no expert, but my understanding is that they are ready to plant when they get their second set of leaves. Or in my case when I finally get the soil ready outside and get them planted!

Anonymous said...

There is something primal about growing one's own tomatoes, I'm convinced, even if one doesn't eat them, though I LOVE THEM. Straight from the garden, warm from the sun, freshly washed, with salt for flavor. A Gift from the Gods.

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