Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Piggy Tales Pine Tree from CHA on Earth day 2008

Piggy Tales press kit at CHA Winter 2008 was an actual pine tree!

"This was a great way to announce that they are the first major scrapbook company to take the big plunge to Go Green. They will be printing their fabulous new papers on certified recycled paper with organic ink, and keep the outrageously vibrant colors, and still be acid and lignin free. The press kit claims that they are estimating saving 100 trees a year by converting their line to recycled paper."
Patti wrote on her blog and (I snagged her before picture.)

Here is my baby now:
Yes that is an upside down pink flamingo hanging from the tree in the background. Pink flamingos in Burbank like to pretend they're in China.
Piggy Tales is having a photo contest- pop over and check it out-!

And if you would like to see more green crafting head over to Craftside for a gatefold card made with recycled wall paper and 2 tools one from a cereal box lid and the other from Scor-it!

But wait there's more- if you click on either recycle or upcycle in the side topic list you will get tons more projects that are good for the earth both here at Sweater Surgery and Craftside!


Dave Lowe said...

It's true...many of the pink flamingos in Burbank are so obsessed with China that they will not only stand upside down but order Chinese takeout just to complain it's not real Chinese food to the poor delivery guy!



This is an awesome idea!

Warm regards,

Gabriela Delworth

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