Thursday, February 5, 2009

Crafty Bloggers and more crafty peeps from CHA 2009

WOW! CHA was fun!

CHA was great this year. I got to see lots of old friends and meet new people that I had either read their books or articles about them and their creative pursuits, such as Faythe Levine of Handmade Nation.

Then there were the Crafty Bloggers like Drew Emborsky, the author of The Crochet Dude's Designs for Guys that I got to catch up with (and get him to "strike a pose")
Then there was the lovely Vickie Howell who gave me a copy of her new Knit Aid book.

Then back on the new people I got to meet list, Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching! We had a great conversation about indi crafting which was a hot topic at CHA.

Then some silliness occurred. This is a tutu I sewed for the Wrights booth out of black plastic garbage bags. Here Cathi Milligan of is striking a pose with me and the tutu.
And just in case you doubt me, here I am posing in it before it was shipped out! I had to test drive it!

Then our friend Maria got in on the act and we did a pose with our "gang sign".

Another Crafty Blogger, Margot Potter has a new book out, Beyond the Bead, oh so pretty!

And Cathi Milligan was also premiering her new book Mod Knots!
This was such a treat, I got to meet Mary Engelbreit! I have been a fan of her since before I was a professional craft designer.
Whew, what a great time. To see more pop on over here for pictures from my make and take and signing and lots more authors events.


Bairbre Aine said...

Wow, it appears that you had a fab time!
Great 'tutu'.
And meeting Mary Engelbreit too.
Your book has 'RE' inspired me to make more recycled sweater treasures.
Happy to have found your blog!
Well done on you!

Lisa Sonora Beam said...

Wow, Ms. Sweater Surgery!
I was admiring that garbage bag tutu at CHA and wondering who made it. Mystery solved.

Would be so cute to see one made with white garbage bags -- and very eco to make one out those annoying plastic bags at the grocery check out (which San Francisco is outlawing, soon!)

Did you know that ending up a bag lady is one of the most common fears of all women, regardless of socio-economic status?

Just one of the tidbits I turned up in my research for The Creative Entrepreneur.

This little number helps us redefine bag lady and laugh that erroneous fear to the curb.

Thanks for posting your CHA photos!

Kim said...

Hey Stef! It was great to meet you in person at CHA.

I loooved the tutu as soon as I saw it. Then later I learned you made it. Too cool.

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