Thursday, February 12, 2009

Four letter words rock!!!, ohh Rock is a 4 letter word!!!

I had this old pair of plain black gloves that were crying for a creative touch, oohhhh that was a bad pun.
Click away now if you just can't stand it. But for those of you who can stand my bad puns, hang on....oh there was another one!

I decided to write words across the front of the fingers gangster style, since one of my friend's nick names for me is the O.G. (Old Gangstah) since I am just soooo bad a**.

In keeping with the gangstah look I scored some Old English font iron on letters from Wrights.
And then I needed to figure out what my four letter words were going to be.

Get this, I typed into Google "good four letter words" and the first two sights were packed full!
All I can say is boy it really is all out there to find!

The traditional pair of words is love and hate, I have also seen knit and purl but I wanted to do something original.

I came up with a lot of really fun word combos but what I landed on is:
Knot Nice
This is a photo of how I figured out the letter placement by marking it with a few pins. Sorry about the quality, do you know how hard it is to photograph the front of your own hand while making a fist???

So here you have it:
I followed the iron on directions and it went great! My last note is to triple check how the letters lay out in the right order on the correct hand so it can be read the right way!

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Anonymous said...

I love it! Totally awesome way to express yourself. I will have to show this to all three of my granddaughters - they are all into Goth fashion, and this is just over the top. It fits right in. Your gloves look like something from either Hot Topic or Spencers. I am sure they will love it too. Now to go find some of those iron on letters.

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