Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The 7 deadly sins cross stitched in latin with scissor accents

OK my cross stitch peeps, here is my latest finished cross stitch, I love Latin and I am on a mission to bring it back!

This is the seven deadly sins with little scissors on each side with a row of stitching. My letters are just a bit different than the printout (I filled in the serifs) I thought that looked a bit less country.

The translation is to the right and the DMC floss color number out to the side. Feel free to download and use if you like!

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Nora said...

OMG - that is sweet!

Kelvis said...

Great, I might just have to learn how to cross stitch now. Thanks a lot Stef!

Connie G. said...

AWESOME - You know how much I love Cross Stitch! A great project.

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