Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Plaid Jackalope Engraved Glass Bottle using the great How-to from the beautiful book-Glass Engraving by Sonia Lucano

The designs in this book are just so captivating and inspiring:

Glass Engraving: 25 Projects for the Home
Sonia Lucano

Turn everyday glassware into modern, custom pieces perfect for your home. With Sonia Lucano’s Glass Engraving, you can turn any bowl into a conversation piece, design wine glasses to toast a special occasion, or create a personalized vase to use as a centerpiece. All the projects require only an inexpensive engraving tool available at craft stores, and the simple skill of tracing.

The dozens of templates provided will enable you to add florals, modern geometrics, or text and monograms to any glass surface, including mirrors. The personalized pieces you create will also make a perfect gift–one that can last a lifetime! With Lucano’s guidance and advice, you can master this simple craft quickly and transform your home with one-of-a-kind designs.

SONIA LUCANO is a designer, crafter, and author. She has worked in both fashion and design since studying at France’s National School of Decorative Arts. She lives in Paris.

I've done the glass etching with the chemical stuff but I had never broken out the engraving bit for my Dremel and tried it. Well, the beautiful designs in Glass Engraving: 25 Projects for the Home got my creative juices flowing and was just the boot in the but I needed to give it a try!
I am on a mission to make everything I can in plaid and I love the jackalope so I went to my jackalope template and reduced it down 50%. I then followed the directions in Glass Engraving: 25 Projects for the Home for transfering the image.
So here is the outline of the jackalope. It was really easy, although I hve to say the Dremel got a bit heavy so I think I need to go hunting in the garage for the flex-shaft attachement.
Here it is all done with the plaid pattern filled in. I bet that there isn't another plaid jackalope engraved bottle out there.

I can tell no glass surface is going to stay plain long.

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