Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sweater Surgery Toilet Paper Cozy Inspired by the new book- Felt Furnishings by Anne Kyyro Quinn

Felt never looked so modern and stylish!
Felt Furnishings: 25 Accessories for Contemporary Homes

Anne Kyyrö Quinn

High style with an irresistible texture–in a fabric you love!

The contemporary creations of Anne Kyyrö Quinn are not your traditional pillows and throws. Following her sculptural approach to home décor, each piece has an appealing tactile quality that makes it truly stand out. Quinn’s fabric of choice, felt, is soft, durable, and easy-to-find, making it perfect for home sewing. Best of all, felt holds its shape, making it possible to turn any home accent into a striking multidimensional accessory. Whether folded, sliced, ruched, or gathered, these bold pieces are sure to add designer style–and cozy comfort–to any living space.

Felt Furnishings
brings Quinn’s designs to the home crafter with 25 beautiful, easy-to-sew projects that will update the look of any room. From one-of-a-kind cushions and pillows to blinds, lampshades, wall panels, curtains, bedspreads, and more, there is something here for every home. And with 200 full-color photographs and comprehensive step-by-step directions, these designs are as easy to create as they are gorgeous to look at.

ANNE KYYRÖ QUINN established her studio in 1999 with a portfolio of six core designs. Her collection has expanded to include blinds and window screens, wall panels, table accessories, and upholstery fabrics. She is one of Britain’s leading manufacturers of handcrafted interior textiles, and her products and custom textile services have been distributed to design showrooms and retail outlets around the world. Anne lives in London.

As I stated in my opening line, making felt look contemporary can be quite the challenge. I found this out working on a design that is possibly the kitchiest item imaginable-the toilet paper cozy. But I think I did a pretty good job of un-kitching and making it modern with the help of Felt Furnishings.

Let me know what you think!

Here is how to sew a toilet paper cozy using a adaptation of one of the techniques from
Felt Furnishings

This being sweater surgery, off to the stash for a recycled wool sweater that has been felted.

I think the bold stripes here are a good start.I cut a piece off the bottom edge of the sweater so I would have the finish edge of the sweater be the bottom of the toilet paper cozy.
Then I cut out little ovals with half being each color of the stripe. I then pinned them on spiraling up the cozy. This is the part where I must have tried a million locations to sew the ovals down and most options looked "cutsie" and not modern.
In the book she sews the ovals down along the center line and then attaches them closed but I only needed to sew them onto my base fabric since mine stayed closed because they were next to each other.Well here you have it one mod toilet paper cozy.

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Eileen Bergen said...

I love the pillow on the book cover, but I've never been a fan of toilet paper cozies - no matter what they are made from! LOL

rush8888 said...

i haven't seen a tp cozy in a very long time, and i would never, ever tell anyone that i used to make them or that i still like them. your project makes the cozy look important again!

Kathleen Kibblehouse said...

This is great! I'll bet you could use the "cowl" neck of a sweater to kind of stretch over a roll of TP and then finish the edges with fun stuff like beads, buttons, or embroidery! Great blog and loved your first book.

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