Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another of Stefanie's Happy Bunnies-This one created using the help of the cool book: Stray Sock Sewing

Happy Sock Bunny on my cairn basking in the southern California sun. (Finally)
I am starting to wonder if there is anything I haven't cut up yet?
The photography in this book is so cute, I loved it as much as I loved the sock animals!Stray Sock Sewing: Making One of a Kind Creatures from Socks

Great for beginning sewers - includes basic techniques and simple projects that are fun, fast and unique.

Stray Sock Sewing is a lovable Asian-flavored craft book that blends how-to projects with a whimsical narrative. Readers will learn how to make odd and endearing one-of-a-kind creatures from a variety of sock styles. Eight step-by-step projects are easy enough for beginners, yet so adorable advanced crafters will be eager to make their own cuddly toys.

After spending 20 years in professional advertising, Dan Ta left the industry to become a full time artist. He is currently collaborating with a creative group based in Los Angeles to import and market his handmade sock dolls. He is also working on a sock doll character that will appear in an upcoming animated film.

I have already shown you my little Happy Sock Bunny, here is how I made her.

First I found a stray sock.

Then following the great directions in Stray Sock Sewing; a little from each of the designs in the back, because with most recycling projects you rarely have exactly what is being used in the book, I made long ears.

I then stuffed and sewed a cute face on. Again I took features from several of the different creatures to make my own face.

I really want to go out and find some really crazy socks to see what other wild and cute bunnies I can sew.

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peggy gatto said...

Is this the cutest or what!!!!!!!!

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Darling! And you got the shape just right (don't know how you did that!). I love the little snout and plump body.

Sherri said...

What an adorable bunny! I must check out that book.

Beth Grim said...

I got this book from the library several months ago, and it changed my life! Well, my crafting life, that is. It so inspired me to make something "cute" (which I'd very much been resisting). Since I didn't have any suitable stray socks, I made mine of reclaimed sweaters and t-shirts, using Daniel's techniques. So fun, so cute, and kind of addicting. Since then I've branched out to making cute stuffed bunnies (people loooove the bunnies) and other things...never thought I'd be so into making "cute"!

Anonymous said...

cute idea... :)

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