Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Book Review: Jil Eaton's Knitting School: The Complete Guide to Becoming a Confident Knitter

I have taught a lot of people how to knit. But what I would say my specialty was fixing mistakes. I can't tell you how many people will drive to my house or bring their knitting or crochet to an event I will be at and hand it to me with a look on their face that screams "help!"

I think that's what Jil Eaton's Knitting School: The Complete guide to becoming a confident Knitter is in writing. It is set up "lesson style" and simply packed full of "tips".

I love tips.

There is a saying that lists are the highest form of literature, I think tips are the best way to learn.

As the title states "confidence " is key in knitting and it comes from knowledge and really looking at your knitting.
The clear pictures and description in Jil Eaton's Knitting School will instill this confidence in you.
With each project you accomplish your confidence will grow!

More about from the publisher, Potter Craft:

"When we’re knitting all is right with the world!

If you’re a novice knitter or returning after a knitting sabbatical, Jil Eaton's Knitting Schoolwill have you knitting like a pro in just 19 lessons. Jil Eaton is a knitting dynamo and she puts her 18 years of teaching and design experience, plus the know-how her popular Knit Simple “Ask Jil” column is known for, into this fully illustrated knitting primer that covers it all—from buttonholes to socks, cables to Fair Isle.

Each of the lessons features one of Jil's signature QuickKnits projects for men, women, and children. Projects include sweaters, shawls, mittens, hats, and kid knits selected especially to highlight Jil’s favorite tips and tricks for flawless knitting. These QuickKnits are designed for instant gratification, chic but simply made, with charming details providing that je ne sais quoi factor. Knitting every project will make even a true beginner feel like an expert.

Chock-full of photographs and step-by-step illustrations, along with advice on color, decorative trims, finishing, and knitting fixes, Jil Eaton's Knitting School will encourage readers to build their skills and master the craft with aplomb. "

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Eileen Bergen said...

"Confidence is key in knitting." I like that. You can also substitute the word "life" for "knitting"

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