Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sequin Singeing technique from the cool book Dusty Diablos: Folklore, Iconography, Assemblage, Ole!

You know when the caption says "Don't try this at home." I of course have to and since it involves FIRE it is ironic that I am choosing to test drive this technique on a day that is going to be 104 degrees with heat warnings all over the news! I am going to try a singeing of sequins technique from the book Dusty Diablos: Folklore, Iconography, Assemblage, Ole! .

I didn't have the suggested creme brulee torch so a lighter will have to do. This also meant that I would have to pick up my swatch of sequins that I planned to singe so I grabbed a pair of pliers and a wet rag and a bucket of water since I had no idea the flammability of the fabric, beads, thread and sequins.

If you try this be SUPER careful!!!
Here it is. The right side is what I singed. Well to me looks more melted really. Very cool effect. I am not quite sure how I will use this but I am betting with Halloween coming up there might just be something that could use a bit of aging/deforming. I don't tend to think of the flame as a tool but clearly it is! If you like altering and aging your art you will really enjoy Dusty Diablos.

More about the book from the publisher North Light Books:

Dusty Diablos: Folklore, Iconography, Assemblage, Ole!

Michael deMeng

"Assemblage ole!

Bring your artistic yearnings and sense of adventure along on a journey to the land of Dusty Diablos. Inspiration seeps from every page, and inside here you’ll find: a tasty mix of ancient folklore (from the ancient metropolis of Teotihuacán to the miracle witnessed by Juan Diego); colorful pop culture (who knew that Western-Horror was its own film genre or that there’s an entire island overrun with misfit dolls?) and informative art-making how-tos (like the Tricky Burnt Paper Routine and crafting your own Nicho). Join author Michael deMeng on an artist’s pilgrimage south of the border and experience a culture as rich as it is beautiful and as genuine and down-to-earth as it is humorous and fascinating. While being mesmerized by all the amazing assemblage pieces, you also learn such nifty things as:

• Mixing up Michael’s favorite paint washes to achieve “rusty” results in your own work

• Crafting your own slithering serpent

• Creating miniature story boxes

• Aging bottle caps with beer and so much more!

Indulge your senses and come along for a trip through crowded marketplaces, a thrilling taxicab ride and the intoxicating festivities of Dia de los Muertos and discover the allure of Dusty Diablos. You might not want to leave.

About the Author

Michael deMeng is the author of Secrets of Rusty Things and an accomplished assemblage artist in the mixed-media world. His commissioned works span the globe and Michael teaches sold-out workshops across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Italy and Australia. "

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Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

That would look good in a collage or on a journal cover. I wonder if a heat gun would do the job more safely.

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