Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Recycled sweater, fabric and button cuff

I had the opportunity to cut stuff up with the Xyron Creatopia and I just had to test drive it with some recycled wool felted sweaters. So I whipped up a few cuffs.
I applied some dry adhesive onto the back of the fabric with the Creatopia.
I then ran the fabric and a rough cut of wool felted sweater through the Creatopia using the two scalloped edge blades. I widened the blades for the sweater strip to create a border.

Then I pealed off the backing paper from the fabric strip and stuck it down to the sweater strip.

I wired a button to one end and then wrapped it around my wrist to get the button hole placement. I used the die cutting attachment to die cut some hearts for a final embellishment.

That's my latest bit of Sweater Surgery I have to share with you! Happy cuttin'


Cyndi L said...

The little flower do-dad around your button is the bomb!

Eileen Bergen said...

Isn't the Creatopia amazing? I just love mine. They have some great video tutorials too.

Love the cuffs!

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