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Color Blocked Craft Table and Accessories

  I have entered this Color Block Craft Table and Accessories project in the Fave Crafts Craft Contest 2016- If you like it please pop on over to their site and VOTE for it! I could win $1000 bucks! Thanks in advance for your support :)
Color block craft table stefanie girard

Having a workspace that inspires creativity and keeps all your craft supplies organized can really make your crafting and art making time efficient and fun. 
How to make a color block craft table squares of fabric recycled books Stefanie Girard

I made this large worktable out of a piece of plywood and Plexiglass with squares of Fairfield Oly Fun Craft Material in between for a modern color block look. The layers are all held together with office supply binder clips. 

The center support of the worktable is a stack of recycled books! The coordinating desk accessories were embellished with all different types of paint and foil. 

The stemware glass balls were painted with Testors paint
The glasses were painted with  Design Master Tint It Transparent Dye Spray Paints
The jewelry box was given a new look with Plaid Ceramcoat Chalk paint
The little square plates were embellished with  Silver Therm-o-web Deco foil scissors. 
The little plastic animals were colored silver with the Testors Enamel paint marker

And since I plan on spending a lot of time at my new craft table coloring in books like Leisure Arts' Art of Coloring Mandalas I sewed a new cushion for the vintage stool and embellished it with a Simplicity applique.

I had a scrap of Plexiglass left over from my film industry days and it was a bit smaller than an 4x8 sheet of plywood so I had to trim the plywood down. If you are making this with new materials your plexi and plywood will likely be the same size so you can skip this step.

Fairfield Oly Fun Craft Material squares to make color block craft table stefanie Girard

I used Fairfield Oly Fun Craft Material to cover the plywood. This material comes in pre-cut squares in a great variety of colors as you can see so it was easy to lay them out and arrange them in a pretty pattern.

Then I laid the plexiglass over the squares and secured it with office supply binder clips.

One of the fun things about this color block craft table is that since it isn't permanently secured you can swap out the color blocks anytime!
To give a new look to these vintage glasses I used a variety of Design Master Tint It Transparent Dye Spray Paints.
I masked off the bases so they would stay clear. While painting them I placed them on top of some cardboard containers. This made it easy to rotate the glasses for nice even coverage

scissor transfer scissor art to plate stefanie Girard
To embellish the little plates I die cut a piece of Therm-o-web Easy-cut adhesive and applied Silver Therm-o-web Deco foil.
deco foil silver add scissors to plates Stefanie Girard
I am eager to try this technique on all sorts of recycled surfaces.
Testors paint glasware stem Stefanie Girard
The next color blocked item on my craft desk was this piece of stemware that features little ball shapes. I painted each one with a color of Testors paint.
Testors enamal marker paint toy animals Stefanie Girard
A project I see on Pinterest a lot is upcycling little toy animals by painting them with metallic paint. The Testors Enamel paint marker worked great for this!
chalk paint upcycle jewelry box drawers Stefanie Girard
In keeping with my color blocking theme I thought it would be fun to upcycle this jewelry box by painting each drawer a different color within the same color family.
how to paint drawers, chalk paint Plaid, Stefanie Girard

I used a variety of blues, greens and grays of the Plaid Ceramcoat Chalk paint. I used a bit of painter's tape to hold the drawer pulls out of the way while painting. I also took the glass out and scraped the floral image off with a razor blade.
easy slip on pillow cover with corner ties stefanie Girard
I love my vintage step stool but I thought it could use a bit more padding. The easiest way is to make a tie on cushion. I had a slipcover pillow that I could easily make a new coordinating slipcover for.

All I did was fold a piece of fabric over itself right sides facing with about a 4 inch overlap. Before stitching the sides I pined ribbons in each corner facing in.
how to sew an easy pillow cover with ribbon ties stefanie girard
 When turned right sides out I placed ta Simplicity applique on the new pillow cover. 
I am so excited about creating all sorts of things in my new creative space.
how to make a color block craft table with recycled books and fabric squares Stefanie Girard

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