Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dada Mosaic, or is it surreal?

Yes, that is clear broken glass on another piece of clear broken glass. I really like Surrealism, Dadaism, Pop Art, and in general anytime things are just different than the norm.

I was savoring my copy of:
Tiles Gone Wild: New Directions In Mixed Media Mosaics
Chrissie Grace

North Light is known for beautiful, colorful, nicely written arts and craft books, and this book, a lovely roundup of mosaics how-to’s, snugly fits the mold. In addition, it’s a fine companion to Grace’s previous Wild Tiles (2006). A chatty, personalized introduction heads each of the 20 mixed-media projects, which range from abstract- and folk-art inspired to just plain fun. Buttons, glass, bottle caps, and images pruned from magazines are but a few of the odds and ends Grace uses to add color and dimension to everything from a wall hanging to a tabletop to a doormat. A few of the projects are quite simple, but even with Grace’s introductory section on tools and materials and her clear instructions, most are probably for those with some prior acquaintance with ceramics or glass (a few also require a kiln) or with the patience to go slowly as they learn something new. It’s hard to resist the color photo illustrations, though, and the enticing projects will call out to crafters. --Stephanie Zvirin

Chrissie Grace, successful author of Wild Tiles, returns to push mosaics to a new creative level in twenty projects using a number of various unexpected materials. Tiles Gone Wild illustrates, with easy-to-follow instructions and photographs, how to expand on basic techniques and push creative boundaries to combine traditional, commercial tile with handmade clay tiles, crushed glass, stained glass and mixed-media elements. Readers will learn to work on a variety of unusual surfaces and use Photoshop to aid in the creation of a tiles portrait. Projects range from traditional mosaic wall hangings to the unexpected, such as a mandala.

Tiles Gone Wild features unique projects and materials, such as handmade clay tiles and stained glass, that are often not found in other mosaic tile books.

and there are just tons of great ideas and designs in this book including working with clear glass. Although Chrissie does something very different with it.

Recently a picture frame fell and the glass broke in it. I went to throw it out and then it hit me that there would probably be a craft project I could use the pieces in. So I saved it. Like you haven't done that too.

Then it hit me, the glass mosaic project I had scene in Tiles Gone Wild I gathered the pieces up and started to lay them out and thought that they looked really pretty on their own.

It sort of looks like stained glass but is it stained glass when there is no color? Is it mosaic with no grout?

I am not going to get hung up on the rules, I just kinda liked what I made.

That's it.

Oh, well, if you want the definitions of the Art types listed above pop on over to this post where I made a Pop Art Toilet Paper Cozy.

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Sherri Osborn said...

I am like you... I love things that are just different from the norm. ;-) Sounds like a great book!

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

How about calling it "Glass under Glass"?

Deviating from the norm - isn't that one definition of being creative? :-D

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