Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vintage Hankie Scarf made using the tutorial from the Indygo Junction book Hankie Style

Scarf season is here in Southern California and I am cookin' away on quite a few. Today I made one out of something you might not expect-vintage hankies. I have a small collection and I have not done a thing with them other than savor them. Well in this new book Hankie Style
there are lots of great ideas for using vintage hankies and this scarf project looked perfect!
And as usual, the first step is make a mess! But what a pretty mess it is. I spread out all my hankies. I first thought I would go with a blue theme since I had quite a few that had blue in it but then that left out a couple that I really loved so I went with an all different color theme (if that is one???) The directions were great and had some really good tips that made the process go smoothly.

From the publisher:
"22 stylish projects including tops, skirts, aprons, scarves, tunics, purse, belt and eyeglass case. Book includes two full size patterns - a cardigan & tunic - as well as 47 pages of instructions and techniques to use new or vintage handkerchiefs to create and embellish clothing and accessories

I am really looking forward to wearing this scarf since I love these hankies and I now have transformed them into something useful in my day-to-day life.

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Sherri O said...

I will have to check out this book... My daughter and I are trying to find a way to incorporate hankies into her wedding so maybe I will find some inspiration!

Cyndi L said...

That's a GREAT way to upcycle those!

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

I have to get this book! I have a box full of linen hankies from my mom and sister (both deceased). I would love to honor them both by making something useful with the hankies.

Great find! Thank you.

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